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Praxis-Institute for Participatory Practices is a development support organisation committed to mainstreaming the voices of the poor and marginalised sections of society in the quest for equity and governance. We believe that for development to be sustainable, the process must be truly participative.


Praxis believes that the state bears a critical responsibility to facilitate access to development opportunities and social justice to marginalised communities and good governance implies that the government’s arms/institutions succeed in achieving an equitable society.


Praxis engages in participatory research and capacity-building towards this end, advocating for the rights of the excluded to live a life of dignity and choice. 



News & Events

Interactive Self-Administrable Tools

Praxis evolved a set of self-administrable tools to enable a community-based organisation (CBO) monitor the processes...
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Ray of hope for sewerage workers strug

Safety and the importance of following government mandates emerged as the topmost priority at the national consultati...
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Immersive Capacity Building on Child P

Learn how and why children must be made partners in the city’s governance system Read More


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