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Praxis-Institute for Participatory Practices is a development support organisation committed to mainstreaming the voices of the poor and marginalised sections of society in the quest for equity and governance. We believe that for development to be sustainable, the process must be truly participative.

Praxis engages in participatory research, capacity-building and advocacy to ensure that the most excluded and vulnerable communities have a say in development.

Corporate Responsibility Watch launches India Responsible Business Index with partners
Corporate Responsibility Watch, of which Praxis is the Secretariat, in assocciation with Praxis and other partners launched the India Responsible Business Index(IRBI) in October 2015 in New Delhi. The IRBI evaluates the top 100 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Principles of Business Responsibilty based on information available in the public domain.  Click here to see how the companies fared on critical indicators like employee well-being, community as stakeholder, non discrimination among others.

Roundtable organised to center African Voices in India-Africa partnership story
Praxis organised a roundtable on the sidelines of the 3rs India- Africa Summit to being together civil society organisations, apex trade bodies, academics and bureaucrats to note how voices of communities from the African continent and Indian CSOs contribute towards the story of inclusive growth. View the report here.

Ground Level Voices for Inclusive Smart Cities held with marginalised groups such as transgenders, urban poor and children in Chennai
Online responses to the city corporation/ Government Of India’s call for suggestions to make Chennai a smart city were lukewarm and mostly included suggestions to petty civic issues, however what was more appalling was the  silence about the urban poor, children or other groups like the transgender community or their concerns. To ensure that these neglected voices are captured and put forth, Praxis organised a series of consultations culminating in a press conference on October 15, at the Press Club, Chennai. At the event, children wrote their suggestions to the Corporation and also answered questions on child-friendly cities and what they want their city Chennai to be. The press conference was attended by children and representatives of the communities and brought focus on one of the prime indicators of a smart city – inclusiveness.



Our newest publication - Participation Pays - is a collation of our experiences in diverse contexts that attempts to show how beneficiaries of aid can challenge and overcome conventional power arrangements set up by donors and development agencies.


Know more about Participation Pays here

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Immersive Capacity Building on Child P

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