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Praxis-Institute for Participatory Practices is a development support organisation committed to mainstreaming the voices of the poor and marginalised sections of society in the quest for equity and governance. We believe that for development to be sustainable, the process must be truly participative.

Praxis engages in participatory research, capacity-building and advocacy to ensure that the most excluded and vulnerable communities have a say in development.


Shikshagiri: Children's Voices to the Inputs for New Education Policy

"Education should be like a river, free for all, regardless of caste and gender. Anyone can access it.", said panelists at the Ground Level Panel, feeding in inputs for the Draft New Education Policy to be announced by the Ministry of Human Resource Development. As the MHRD put the draft online and sought recommendations from the public, Praxis along with its partners came together to give the primary beneficiaries of this policy, children themselves, a platform to feed into the recommendation for this policy.You can find the whole report on


Praxis supports Government of India's Swachch Bharat Mission through participatory workshops

Praxis facilitated a series of 5 workshops in various locations in India for the United Nation's Water Supply And Sanitation Collaborative Council, a body that works exclusively on sanitation. In supporting WSSCC's mission to power the Government's Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Praxis conducted workshops on Rapid Action Learning Units in Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Kolkata in June 2016, where over 200 government functionaries working on sanitation were trained on formation and uses of RALUs. Facilitators used participatory methods to bring out State/District/Panchayat level experiences and devise methods in which best practices could be shared among districts and states to tackle common problems in achieving the sanitation mission.


Corporate Responsibility Watch launches India Responsible Business Index with Praxis and other partners
Corporate Responsibility Watch, of which Praxis is the Secretariat, in assocciation with Praxis and other partners launched the India Responsible Business Index(IRBI) in October 2015 in New Delhi. The IRBI evaluates the top 100 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Principles of Business Responsibilty based on information available in the public domain.  Click here to see how the companies fared on critical indicators like employee well-being, community as stakeholder, non discrimination among others.

CRW released Beyond 2%: Reclaiming Corporate Social Responsibility for Community Empowerment in December 2015. This report aims to facilitate a discourse through which one can reclaim CSR to include the comprehensive rights and entitlements of communities, whether they are a part of the formal workforce or supply chain or neighbourhood and displaced communities directly and indirectly affected by business operations. Click here for the report. 


Praxis launches its virtual exhibition on climate change on the sidelines of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2015, Paris.
As the world is taking note of climate change, with world leaders gathered in Paris to talk about the challenges of climate change, and finding sustainable solutions to it, Praxis has gathered and presented findings from its own Climate Change study in the form of a virtual exhibition. The study was carried out in 13 habitations across North India, and culminated in a Ground Level Panel where farmers got together to discuss the challenges in agriculture and climate change and give recommendations to the State's policy documents. The virtual exhibition can be viewed here. 


Deliberations of a Ground Level Panel of representatives from Denotified and Nomadic Tribes in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals -JUNE 2017  PDF







Our newest publication - Participation Pays - is a collation of our experiences in diverse contexts that attempts to show how beneficiaries of aid can challenge and overcome conventional power arrangements set up by donors and development agencies.


Know more about Participation Pays here

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