Praxis had a humble beginning as an initiative of Action Aid in 1992. Since then, we have worked with a number of development workers, organisations, networks, campaigns and movements to emerge as a facilitator of participatory practices. In 1997, Praxis – Institute for Participatory Practices was formally registered as an autonomous non-profit organisation under the Societies Act 1860.

Praxis set up office in Patna in 1997, at a time when most development organisations avoided Bihar. By setting up a resource support organisation in a state where it was needed the most, Praxis showed the way to other organisations that followed suit several years later.

From its Patna office, Praxis went on to set up its headquarters in Delhi and offices in Chennai and Hyderabad. It also had a brief presence in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2006. Over time, there has been a conscious shift from merely training on PRA to the politics of participation. In keeping with its attempt to take the Southern perspective to the North and influence their policies, Praxis UK was set up in 2007.

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