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Social equity implies fair access to livelihood, education, and other resources; full participation in the political and cultural life of the community; and self-determination in meeting fundamental needs.


Formed as a response to the marginalisation and exclusion in distribution of relief and rehabilitation following the 2004 Tsunami, Social Equity Watch was conceptualised as a political process that will critically examine power structures when they fail to ensure and guarantee social equity.


It comprises organisations that laid the foundation of the social equity audit in India. Praxis anchors the secretariat of Social Equity Watch and has led several initiatives such as a study on social exclusion during the Commonwealth Games and the development of the National Infrastructure Equity Audit.

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Dalit Watch


The year 2007 was a particularly bad one for rural Bihar. The dams around several rivers broke, pushing 10,000 villages across 22 districts into a quagmire of ruined livelihoods and consequent debts.

In the aftermath of the floods emerged a forum for the people who were marginalised in the subsequent relief operations. Called the Dalit Watch, the mandate of this forum is to fight against the deliberate exclusion of Dalits from relief and rehabilitation processes. In a larger context, it is a fight to facilitate the participation of Dalits in the process of development.

Several organisations like the National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights (NCDHR), Bachchpan Bachchao Andolan, Dalit Samanvay, Nari Gunjan and Lok Shakti are a part of this forum.One of the initiatives of this forum is to produce a critical mass of 10,000 Dalit leaders who will be picked from various grass roots level organisations and contexts and empowered to act as opinion makers and influencers of their community.

Praxis has been a part of Dalit Watch as a facilitator, assisting with capacity building programmes and strategy formulation and helping the forum in the all-important task of taking into account the community perspective. It also serves as the secretariat of Dalit Watch.

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The Resource Centers for Participatory Learning and Action (RCPLA) is an alliance of 17 different organisations from around the world that strives to promote the empowerment of the disadvantaged through participation in their own development.


The network helps researchers and practitioners share information and experience about Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) approaches, and encourages the improved implementation of these approaches globally.

The network, which Praxis is a part of, hopes to further the role of participatory approaches into governance structures to create change.


Praxis UK


Praxis UK was a registered charity set-up that came into existence in October 2007. Its goal was to extend the vision, mission and values of Praxis to a wider global audience by working in the UK and Africa. Praxis UK aims to reflect the voices from the South, directly to the North through Praxis India.

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