Praxis is a knowledge organisation that plays a role in influencing equity- and governance-related policies through participation and ensuring the right of every individual to a life of dignity and choices.

Its aim is facilitating participation towards democratisation of development processes and results that will pave the way for an equitable society without poverty.

There are three corner stones of Praxis:

  1. Praxis is not an organisation that teaches PRA skills, but one that facilitates participation towards democratisation of development processes and results; and actively engages in advocating, dialogue and networking for the same.
  2. Praxis is professionally relevant with regard to the quality of its research. It generates knowledge primarily based on the perspectives and experiences of the communities, through the efficient and effective use of participatory approaches, and produces quality products.
  3. Praxis takes on an activist role and influences thoughts and perspectives of stakeholders and policies determining better governance and equity.


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For information related to Research and Capacity Building
write to: research@praxisindia.org

For information or collaboration related to Communication 
write to: communications@praxisindia.org