Corporate Responsibility Watch launches India Responsible Business Index with partners

Corporate Responsibility Watch, of which Praxis is the Secretariat, in assocciation with Praxis and other partners launched the India Responsible Business Index(IRBI) in October 2015 in New Delhi. The IRBI evaluates the top 100 listed companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange on Principles of Business Responsibilty based on information available in the public domain.

Mint, which partnered with Corporate Responsibility Watch, covered the Index and its findings in detail. View articles here. For full report, click here.

The Power of Inclusion, 26th October 2015, Mint

Keeping in mind the inequality between sections of society and the persistent poverty that plagues this country, it is not possible for ease of business and economic growth to be totally divorced. Firms need to take a more active role and be responsible about the environment, the communities and the ethics that they use in their policies and practices. “Participation of people as stakeholders can make businesses responsible,” said Tom Thomas, chief executive of Praxis, a development support organization, and convener, Corporate Responsibility Watch.


India Inc's policies for Supply Chain not robust, 26th October 2015, Mint

Under Business Responsibility, a company is expected to list all the activities that it is undertaking and the processes it has put in place to encourage its supply-chain partners to embrace practices such as fair and minimum wages, employee health and safety and reduced environmental footprints. The India Responsible Business Index looks at how well companies have fared in this regard.





Stakeholders vs Shareholders, 26th October 2015, Mint

The implementation of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules, 2014, stressed the need for businesses to work for local communities. However, much before the CSR rules, firms had realized the need to look beyond employees, investors and consumers, knowing well that an unhappy community is a risk to longevity of their own businesses.The India Responsible Business index looks at Community as a Stakeholder in the business process as one of its core focus areas.



Company policies focus more on health and safety of employees, 26th October 2015, Mint

Documents such as annual reports, sustainability reports and business responsibility reports which were used to draw up the India Responsible Business Index showed that on questions regarding child labour and freedom to form associations did reasonably well. However,on many other grounds the companies did not measure





Policy focus is on women, 26th October 2015, Mint

The Companies Act and business responsibility reporting (BRR) have together pushed companies to increase their disclosure standards when it comes to having policies for a non-discriminatory workplace. While having more women has resonated with companies at a policy level, hiring people from the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community has not.



India-Africa relations in the time of South-South cooperation

Praxis organised a round table, bringing together government experts, academics, civil society organisations and business, to focus on ways to create a stronger South by making development aid andtrade accountable and transparent in the context of India-Africa Forum Summit. It calls upon developing people to people contact and leveraging South-South partnership, while reiterating the need for cooperation. Praxis' views on the 'development partnership' and the kind of engagement needed recieved widespread coverage.



Read #India Africa is fine. But is our aid in solidarity or an instrument of control by Tom Thomas, 28th October 2015, Catch News.

India is currently the fourth-largest trading partner of Africa, after China, the United States and the European Union.  India's investment in the continent is around $32 billion, according to industry estimates, greater than China's $26 billion.India's efforts to step in into the aid niche is seen by analysts as giving African countries an alternative on one hand, and creating a resource base for its own 'Make in India' campaign on the other. But what does this partnership mean for communities in Africa?


Watch news clippings below.
Interview of Tom Thomas, Chief Executive, Praxis on the #IndiaAfricaSummit, 27th October 2015, News X


The Big Picture- India-Africa Forum Summit: What is the Agenda?, 28th October 2015, Rajya Sabha TV




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